B2B Tech PR Agency & Services 2022

B2B Tech PR is the process of building relationships and improving your reputation with other businesses. This can be done through a number of channels including the media, publishers, ad campaigns and developing direct relationships with your customers.

The goal of our PR services is to enhance the reputation of your brand and help you to win more customers. We can do this through a number of ways such as sending out news using press releases, setting up interviews in the press. running ad campaigns and promoting your brand on social media.

You can request proof of results from your account manager.

What B2B Tech PR Campaigns do we Offer?

We can provide a number of B2B Tech PR services depending on your goals and budget. At the start of every campaign we prioritise our clients needs and KPIs before proposing a campaign strategy.

These will be discussed with you on a call with your account manager before written down and formulated into a campaign strategy that will be presented to you. We will also ask you for your feedback as part of the strategy planning phase.

B2B Tech PR goals include:

  • Raising awareness in the press
  • Building new relationships with business customers
  • Brand building (via Ad campaigns and influencers)
  • Comparison Listings and Reviews with Tech Publishers

What B2B Tech PR Services do we offer?

Once we’ve agreed a set of goals with you, we’ll propose an action plan that might involve some of the following B2B marketing services:

  • PR and communications with the media
  • Developing new B2B partnerships and clients
  • Listings and reviews with tech publishers
  • Content marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaigns

Our Process

Once we’ve agreed a budget and action plan with you, an average client campaign will be executed over a month.

We’ll keep in regular contact with you and can provide results on our activities upon request.


B2B Tech PR Campaigns:

What budget do I need for Tech B2B PR campaigns?

What results can I expect?